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depends on factors. Usually, it takes 6 to 20 days for gufams to ship an order for Standard Shipping, Though gufams is a US-based online business , it ships most products from China. Overseas delivery may take a longer time than shipping example: furniture , household products or more than 5 kg we ship via over sea

Yes it’s safe to buy from gufams , any problem please contact us , we guarantee to deliver your package

If you are missing multiple items from your order and they are not scheduled to be sent in another package, you may contact us or social media

Stuff on gufams is so cheap for several factors. Firstly, most products are shipped from China where production material and labor costs are lower than in Western countries. Additionally, gufams connects buyers directly with the manufacturers and suppliers

Yes, gufams is Secure for all Transactions Good news for shopping enthusiasts! Gufams takes your security seriously. This means you can confidently use your all to snag those deals without fretting over safety. Gufams prides itself on being a legitimate platform that values user privacy and security.

While gufams shares your personal information for the purposes of targeted advertising, which may be considered a “sale” under applicable U.S. state privacy laws, as described further in the US Privacy Notice Addendum for US Residents. Gufams does not “sell” personal information in the traditional sense except shipping company, we share your shipping information with shipping company to deliver packages on correct address

Yes, Give Them a Wash Short answer: Yes, it's a good idea to wash your gufams clothes before the first wear. Like any new clothing, gufams items can come with a bit of factory residue or dyes that are best washed off

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